Be Safe. Be Adventurous.
Be Luxurious.
Emerged from the fiery ambition to deliver seamless experience between luxury vendors and modern consumers, Luxury Items deepens your noetic and aesthetic values by offering you a new definition of luxury. Our desire is to shape the premium goods landscape, starting from Asia. We are inspired by the people and ideas which are constantly rewriting the so-called “rules”.
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Our Visions
Luxury Items Metaverse Key ID
It's time for luxury NFT to be something completely different and more valuable.
Luxury E-commerce
Tap into international rich potential luxury marketplace physically and digitally with Luxury E-commerce.
Luxuria Magazine
The next bible of luxury - the bible that you'd love and trust.
According to Global Brand Report, luxury products counterfeit has damaged the marketplace up to 1.82 trillion USD. Luxury Items is here to fix it.
First Real Metaverse Auction
Joining live auction in metaverse, dress how you like and buy what you like and still be anonymous.
Metaverse Exhibition
Be one of our elite guests to join exquisite luxury metaverse exhibitions - where the definition of an exhibition may be luxurously different.
Our Values
Join Luxury Items Metaverse and enjoy its host of benefits:
Luxury Items Metaverse key ID
Every BLUX holder will be granted a LUX citizen ID. With LUX citizen ID you can own something like your very first NFT real estate.
Enhance promotion service with reasonable price help you to penetrate Vietnamese marketplace, Luxury Items metaverse or anywhere.
Tailored packaging and transporting methods for the special recipients.
Access to selective and adequate local retailers to distribute your products profitably.
What People Think About Us
Our verifications and testimonials
Our Roadmap
Minimum Viable Product
IV Quarter 2021
Luxury Items platforms (Android, Web)
Verifying products origins plus sellers / buyers’ information
IV Quarter 2022
A.I business analysis and sale recommendation Using BLUX to open your own store on Luxury Items Metaverse E-commerce Buying and selling luxury products with BLUX
Verifying products origins plus sellers / buyers’ information with A.I

Luxury Items Metaverse (opened)

I Quarter 2025
Luxury Items Metaverse mega expansion
Continue to develop to solve more complicated and impactful matters
What We Are Doing
Luxuria Magazine is already live!
Build VR Tours for our partners including Jacob&Co.
Luxury Items E-commerce has been launched !
Luxury Items Application is already 75% completed.
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Contact Us
If you would like to find out more, or have some great ideas you want to explore, we'd like to hear from you.
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