Overcoming BTS, Blackpink owns the 2nd most viewed music video in Kpop after "Gangnam Style." Any song by Blackpink after its release has a substantial spread and achieves admirable achievements. The four girls of YG Entertainment are also one of the few K-pop stars whose MVs have reached the viewership rate on the YouTube platform. 


At noon on August 19, Blackpink officially returned with the new song "Pink Venom". This song marks the return of the four YG girls after two years of absence since "Lovesick Girl" was released in 2020.

“Pink Venom” carries the familiar hip-hop atmosphere of Blackpink with a strong melody, interwoven with the traditional Korean sound of Geomungo. Besides, the powerful rap part, and ghostly vocals will make fans dance right after hearing it for the first time. The song is "Stay," "Whistle," and "Playing with Fire"...

Like previous music productions, the MV “Pink Venom” was shot in the studio with grand and elaborate scenes. However, in the MV, the four group members not only captivated the audience with the listening part, but the visual part was also carefully and meticulously invested in. 

The MV opens with Jisoo gliding each finger on the piano, creating a strong emotion in the viewers' hearts. It is known that Jisoo uses Geomungo; the Sino-Vietnamese translation is Xuanqin/Crane. 

This is an ancient pronoun-type communication system dating back to the 5th century AD. This is a type of instrument for Confucianists, the position of ancient Korean society as a way to express their work and ideas. Jisoo's outfit also has a traditional Korean sound, especially the hairstyle commonly seen on women in this country centuries ago.

In Jisoo's hair are also forms of jewellery inspired by Korean women's decorative accessories in the past. It can be seen that YG has assigned Jisoo to represent traditional Korean values, which is a favor that she deserves after many not-so-prominent appearances in previous MVs.

After only 24 hours of release, the "Pink Venom" teaser has reached 15.8 million views and 2.4 million likes. This is Blackpink's MV teaser with the highest number of pictures in the first 24 hours on YouTube and becomes the K-Pop band's fastest MV to cross the 20 million mark. 

"Since it's our comeback after a long time ... we wanted to express our identity." So we put together the words 'Pink' and 'Venom', two contradictory words that will well remind you of us, "Jennie said at a media event. 

The team included a traditional Angbuilgu sundial with modern touches and the traditional Geomungo sound. It is a tremendous cultural and scientific symbol of the Joseon Dynasty.

Before that, to prepare for this monumental comeback, the management company YG Entertainment launched the Pink Venom campaign, "dyeing pink" in major cities worldwide. Specifically, seven famous places in seven major cities worldwide will be lit with pink lights on the group's comeback day.

Following this comeback, Blackpink will release the album "Born Pink" on September 16. YG said the album title shows the group's characteristics; the girls always exude a special aura and personality. This is Blackpink's second album after six years of debuting and the latest music product since their debut album, "THE ALBUM." In just three days, the group's album quickly reached 300 thousand pre-orders on Ktown4u, and after only one week, the pre-order volume went to 1.5 million copies. In October, Blackpink will conduct the most extensive world tour in the history of a K-Pop girl group. Starting from Seoul on October 15, Blackpink will go to North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.

The new song is a pre-release from the band's upcoming album 'Born Pink'. The latest music comes nearly two years ahead of a planned nine-month world tour.


Source: VietnamNet, KBI Zoom

Image: The thao & Van hoa, VỌH and Gotrip.HK


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