Transform your ideas into dependable and timeless 3d space

Why 3D Virtual Space ?

Virtualizing Service - The best future solution for your vendors

The buying demand and product experience have been gradually growing along with the modern style of the world. Being capable of visiting and experiencing various shopping locations in a limited period has been a huge challenge before. Digitalization for space is built and developed as an optimal solution for businesses to be in response to the buying demand and product experience for their prospective customers.

Digitalizing Exhibition Spaces - Secrets to Enhance Your Business Luxury

The efficiency of exhibiting digital spaces would be on the high level when being able to recreate the appearance of luxury brand booths in the most realistic way. The real space of luxury fashion brands - with modern 3D scanning devices - will be transformed into a cutting-edge website system including a realistic 3D model.

Digital Space Commercialization - Remarkably Special

By simple clicks on smart devices, your customers could enjoy shopping in luxury brands without wasting time on transporting or being geographically limited. Real image and video will be attached when customers click on viewing product details. Besides, digital space owners can unlimitedly add relevant information involved in product features.

How We Do It ?

3D Building
3D Scanning

Enter the metaverse with Luxury Items virtual 3D model – space – tour builidng service. Tell us your ideas and we will help you build your own dream gallery, shop, boutique, …

Some additional features with our 3D virtual tour building:

  • Live guided session as host

  • Constantly updating new model (paintings, products, artworks…)

  • Setting up your own logo

Luxury Items 3D Scanning will bring your vendor closer to customers by these following outstanding plus points:

  • By only one-time scanning or photographing, you can experience the virtual space of stores through 3D model. Enhancing the store’s modernity, accessibility, ability to view the products for reference by individual smart devices.

  • Detailed, clear and high-quality image. Enable users to view the overall product, Not fuzzy or pixelated while zooming and Satisfy every customer with product overview before making a purchase.

  • You can move to anywhere you want by just only few clicks, making it feel like you are actually moving in real life

For more detail and pricing information, please check our brochure..

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